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We offer a variety of classes surrounding play and learning for little ones as well as educational parenting classes for parents and caregivers with topics such as sleep, potty training, breastfeeding, and more. Apart from educational classes, sometimes we just want to have fun! We host seasonal events for the community as well as popup shops, product launch parties, and cocktail evenings. Follow us @minisocialaz for the latest info.

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Classes At A Glance


Breastfeeding Basics

Two of the biggest factors in achieving breastfeeding success are education and support.  That’s why Zoolikins and Babymoon Inn have partnered to offer a comprehensive breastfeeding class at that will prepare you for the first days and weeks of breastfeeding (and beyond)!  We’ll cover everything from latching to storage.


Breastfeeding: Back to Work

Join Babymoon Inn and get to know all aspects of pumping, creating a stash, pumping in the workplace and more. The ideal time to take this class is after the birth of your baby but well before you will be returning to work. Partners are welcome to attend, as are caregivers.  Babies are also welcome (and encouraged) to attend!


Ready, Set, Grow: Your Roadmap to a Healthy Pregnancy

Your baby is growing – and so is the list of questions you likely have about pregnancy, birth, and beyond.  The decisions you make now can set you up for a healthy pregnancy, an enjoyable birth, and a peaceful postpartum.  Partners are strongly encouraged to attend!


Intro to Homemade Babyfood

Why make your own baby food? It’s simple, tastes better and preserves vitamins and nutrients. Learn about safe infant feeding, nutrition needs, safe food storage and preparation, storage options, and food introduction.


Cooking for Toddlers

In this class you’ll learn how to handle those picky eaters! Learn about toddler engagement, responsive feeding, resistant food behavior and how to manage, snacking when and how, and see a cooking demonstration


Babywearing 101

Join Babywearing Educator and Lillébaby fit expert Kristin Przybylski for a free babywearing class. She will review various carrier styles and options to help determine which method is right for you and your precious cargo. 

Plus, we’ll ship your favorite Lillebaby carrier style and print to your doorstep with no extra fees!


Cloth Diapering 101

Join us next door at Zoolikins for our most popular class on the art of cloth diapering. This FREE class is meant for parents that are interested in learning about the basics of Cloth Diapering.


Babywearing Consultation & Fitting

Did you already purchase your baby carrier but you don't feel comfortable wearing baby? Is your baby carrier uncomfortable when you wear it? Does baby seem to be uncomfortable? 

Create an appointment with our babywearing experts at Zoolikins and learn how to use your baby carrier, get it fitted so that it fits you just right, and know that baby is secure & happy. We'll happily answer any questions you have and help guide you with your babywearing adventure.